Our Story

Fresh St! takes pride in being a Pakistani brand registered with Government of Pakistan IPO-Trademark Registry under application numbers 568071, 568072, 568073, 568074 since 2020. Enjoying global presence though distribution and business partners. Samrah Enterprises is sole owner of the brand Fresh St.


Fresh St.’s journey started with a simple yet ambitious idea: to create a Pakistani multinational brand that spans the Middle East, America, and Australia. Our commitment to excellence in products and services has been the cornerstone of our success. It is pertinent to mention that the team behind the brand is led by a women entrepreneur “Ms. Samrah Munsub” who is born and brought up in Karachi.


The team behind Fresh St.’s brand worked hard with dedication to foster and source the finest ingredients and products from around the world from which many of the products are Made in Pakistan in addition to the ones being sourced globally. Our team has gone the extra mile by establishing a state-of-the-art dairy and frozen food packaging plant in Lahore, where we process and package dairy products, frozen vegetables, and fruits.


This pursuit of excellence has led us to learn from the best practices of the industry, both locally and globally. We've embraced these practices and proudly present Fresh St. as a Pakistan-originated multinational brand across the globe through our participation in leading food exhibitions through Trade Development Authority of Pakistan under Pakistan banner.


Our team’s motto is to learn from the industry leaders and practices while learning world class standards we ensure to apply the same to be offered to consumers through our products, our state-of-the-art food facility in Lahore is certified and accredited with leading industry standards to meet local and export market requirements.


Quality and Standards: We maintain unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards in safety, hygiene, and taste, consistently striving to meet international certifications.


Market Expansion: We are dedicated to understanding the unique demands of markets in the Middle East, America, and Australia and work tirelessly to establish a strong presence there.


Sustainability: We're integrating eco-friendly practices into our operations, ensuring a sustainable and responsible approach.


Innovation: We continually innovate to offer new and exciting products that meet the evolving needs of consumers.


Brand Identity: Fresh St. is synonymous with quality. Our branding and marketing strategies reflect our commitment to excellence.


Customer Feedback: We value the feedback of our customers, which guides our continuous improvement efforts.


Employee Training: Our workforce is our strength, and we invest in their training to ensure the highest industry standards.


Compliance: Unwavering commitment to comply with all relevant regulations and standards.


Community Engagement: We give back to the community through initiatives that make a positive impact on the local people and environment.


Adaptability: We remain agile and responsive to the ever-changing business landscape, always ready to meet new challenges head-on.


Fresh St. is not just a brand; it's a commitment to quality, sustainability, and excellence. We're proud to be a Pakistani multinational brand, and we'll continue to reach new heights while upholding the values that define us."